GTEN Consultancy1. Who’s involved in GTEN Consultancy?

2. Why use our services?

3. Who is Gordon Tennant and what experience does he have?
Mention these published books here. Talk about experience.

4. Why don’t you do ‘this’?
If you can’t find something you are looking for or need bespoke training in a certain subject, please get in touch. We will happily provide you with what you require.

5. What is an ebook and how can I read it?
Our ebooks are short training guides on specific subjects. They are often made on a computer and can be read on any computer. We use PDF file format and this can be read, for free, on any computer by Adobe Acrobat. Most computers have Adobe Acrobat already installed; if you do not have it then you can download it for free from Adobe. You are also allowed to print any ebooks you buy from us, only for your own personal use.

6. Can I read your ebook on my hand held computer or PDA?

      As we use a very common format, you probably will be able to, but we cannot guarantee this. You must check your device can read PDF’s before purchasing an ebook.

7. What if I want to use your ebook for more than 1 person?

      When you purchase your ebook, there is an option to purchase for more people and to add a quantity, please type in the number of people who will use the license and proceed with your purchase. Once the purchase is complete and within 24 hours we will refund you 50% of your total, for placing a bulk purchase.

GTEN Consultancy8. Can I write an ebook for you?

      Contact us with your suggestion for an ebook and we will consider it. We suggest not doing any work on it, until we approve the subject. You will need to have good experience and a qualification in the subject you are writing about.

9. How do your videos work?

      All our videos use flash player to run. You will need the flash player plug in to view them, which you can

Download Flash Player here

We also sell DVD’s of our videos which will be able to play on most DVD players.

10. What is Skype and how is it used for training and mentoring?
Skype is an internet telephone service that allows two users to communicate over a computer. You can communicate through chat, voice and video. You can also share screens and files. This means most 1 to 1 tuition can be done remotely, no matter which country you are in. Skype is free to download and to create an account. It is also free for all the services mentioned (when used to connect 1 computer to another). It only costs money to use Skype when you phone a landline or mobile phone.

Click here to read more about Skype and download it

11. Any other questions?
Then please contact us using the details or the form on our contact page.